A Few Words About Us...

Condo Flare is dedicated to bringing new and innovative products for contemporary living. Not just ideas, we follow through with a full material and production process. Unlike other design firms that outsource their requirements, all aspects of design & functionality are thought out by the Condo Flare team and manufactured by Pars Moulding Inc., its father company with over 25 years of experience in the Cast Industry. So unique and artfully processed that each cast product is made by single qualified personnel from start to finish and signed after passing the products point inspection. We do not believe a contemporary space is simple and plain. We see contemporary as artful, chic, vibrant and full of character.

In the Media ...

Watch this clip of Condo Flare products on CityLine with Gluckstein Design.

New Feature Video ...

Watch this amazing lifted custom Lenko.

ECO Friendly

Condo Flares designer products are not only green friendly in material as well as the manufacturing process. All of our products are handmade and inspected by qualified personnel. For our engineered concrete, we have created a blend using fiber reinforced magnesium phosphate cement; not just because of its favorable characteristics as a countertop material but also for its green natural origin as appose to chemically processed and reactive Portland cement.